Our green belt is still at risk… we need your help

Our green belt is still at risk… we need your help.

The ‘Local Plan’, which would protect green belt, has been delayed again for the second time. Our Labour-led Council have decided to delay the decision until after the May local election. Each day our local plan is delayed, is another day our green belt is put at risk.

In the draft local plan green belt sites have been identified as an option to cover 12,000 new houses. That is the Labour council’s target for new houses.

This is unnecessary. Experts tell us that the council’s own data lead to a figure of 4,000 that could be easily met in our brownfield sites. Now the Labour Party have decided to delay this decision after the local elections in May. It should have been decided in June 2020.

We need your help. Please sign our petition for a ‘no building on green belt policy’. And to accept the 4000 figure for housing need. Every signature we get makes us that much stronger is opposing building on our green belt.

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