Proposed Car parking charge increase- cost and location

On Monday 14th June Labour and Green councillors voted to introduce car parking charges in coastal locations and currently free to park car parks across Wirral.


Wirral’s Conservative councillors think this will devastate our local high streets and discourage our residents from visiting the coast at a time when physical and mental wellbeing is so important. We believe that some of the £200 million Covid funding the Government has given Wirral Council should be used to ensure our high streets and businesses survive.


We want to know what you think, please answer the questions below:

Charging to Park...

  • 1 Current Parking charges
  • 2 Your details
  • 3 National Issues
1. What is your view of the introduction of parking charges in our coastal areas including West Kirby, Hoylake, New Brighton, Hoylake and Leasowe?
2. What is your opinion on the introduction of parking charges in currently free to use car parks in Irby, Bebington, Bromborough, New Brighton and Hoylake?
3. It is proposed to standardise car parking charges across all existing and any new charging locations, paying £1 for one hour, £2 for two hours, £3 for three hours, £4 for four hours, £5 all day. Do you
4. 4. Should the Labour-led Council use some of the £200 million provided by the Government to support our high streets and leisure peninsula by not introducing car parking charges ?