What matters locally

We want to maintain parking facilities in Heswall, as well as free parking for Clatterbridge residents. But we need your support to do it.

As you may know, at the next general election the boundaries of Wirral South are changing. That means your area will be in a new constituency called Wirral West.

We will be working to elect a new Conservative MP, who will be keen to hear from you so that we can hit the ground running in tackling your priorities.

That’s why we're asking you to share your priorities for our area.

If we are to be successful at the next General Election it is important that we listen to the issues that matter to local residents most.
And the sooner we get to work, the bigger an impact we’ll have. 

Many people have no alternative but to use a car, with so few trains in Heswall and dwindling bus services across the Clatterbridge area.  All other political parties on the Wirral are pushing anti-car policies and this includes car parking charges.  Only your Local Conservatives are demanding a more common sense approach.

That’s why we’re working together to campaign to keep free parking, and ensuring that the facilities are accessable for everyone. As well as hearing from you what matters most.

Share your priorities — and together let’s build on the progress we’ve made.

Parking Charges

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1. Do you support our campaign to keep some free car parks and parking charges as low as possible?
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3. What other measures would you expect the Council to consider?