Wirral Young Conservatives

Young people are a vital part of our team.

Come and get involved in the Wirral Young Conservatives campaigning. We have an opportunity to win the Parliamentary and Local Seats within the constituencies of Wirral West and Wirral South, we are keen to have as many young conservatives as we can onboard .

We have a great team who don't just knock on doors! We do social events that include meet the MP, pizza and policy sessions, discussion groups and more! We know what is at risk for the future of our young people under a Labour Marxist Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. The risk to our businesses, apprenticeships, choice of educational establishments, military to name a few. Come on join us.

For details of any upcoming events or if you just want to know more about the Young Conservatives in Wirral West and Wirral South send an email to our lead, Tom! 


26 and under? Join now for just £5!