Raby Mere Fencing - Cherry Povall Reports Back.

Cherry Povall has successfully represented the residents of Raby Mere regarding the challenge of the high fence (2.4 metres) that had been erected without planning permission. 

After a retrospective planning application was made and subsequently withdrawn (possibly because of the large number of objections received by the Planning Department), a further application (APP/19/01009) was made for a 1.8m high fence and other features. At the Planning Committee meeting held on 16 January 2020, Cherry opposed the application on behalf of the residents of Raby Mere and they were successful in getting the application REFUSED for the following reason:

“The proposed fence would damage the visual amenities of the area and would be inappropriate in terms of character, appearance and landscape setting of the surrounding area and does not integrate well within the setting of the area.”

The applicant has the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.

Councillor Cherry Povall, the Councillor for Clatterbridge says "I am delighted that the concerns of the local residents have been heard by the Planning Department and I will continue to monitor the situation and keep residents up-to-date with developments, and make sure that Clatterbridge is well represented".